FLORAX 200ml


Product features
– APF fluoride gel, containing 1.23% sodium fluoride ion for fluoride therapy and preventing sensitivity and tooth decay
Suitable viscosity and easy washing
Free of gluten and harmful sugar compounds
Effect time: 60 seconds
Available in volumes:
VN-821 Fluoride gel, bubble gum essence, 200 grams
VN-822 Strawberry essence fluoride gel 200 grams

Fluorax contains sodium fluoride, for fluoride therapy, which has a high local concentration of fluoride ion. Fluoride ion is an important factor in preventing tooth decay and sensitivity, especially in children.
Sodium fluoride ion 1.23%, concentrate, flavoring, water.
1- Shake the can of Florex completely before use.
2-Florax is prepared with APF (acidic) formulation with an effect time of one minute for use in dental offices.
3- For better performance, it is recommended to do it twice a year.
4- After prophylaxis, fill the tray up to a third of its volume with Florax gel, then place it inside the mouth and in contact with the teeth.
5- Ask the patient to bite the tray containing the gel for one minute for 100% efficiency.
6- Remove the tray from the patient’s mouth and ask the patient to avoid swallowing the extra gel and avoid eating and drinking for at least 30 minutes.
1- Keep out of reach of children.
2- Avoid swallowing the product strictly. If it is accidentally swallowed in large quantities by the patient, consult a doctor immediately.
3- Florex contains artificial color, before use, make sure that the gel content is not allergenic for the patient.
Store in the original packaging at room temperature (below 25 degrees Celsius) away from light and moisture. ► The product should not be stored in the cold.


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