About us:

Start of work (Master Dent):

Nik Darman Asia company started it’s activity since 2013 in the field of suppling dental supplies by importing Dentonics company cunsumables (owner of Master Dent brand).
Over a period of four years, with increasing of business with this company, our company could get Exclusive Agent of Master Dent products in our region (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan).

Endo Department (Thomas):

By importing Thomas company’s products, Nik Darman imported it’s first products in the Endo sector in 2016. The high quality and variety of Thomas brand products (Hand Files & Rotary Files) provided a suitable platform for our company to compete with other competitors in this field of products in the Iranian market.

Dental Equipment Department (Woodpecker):

In 2017 Nik Darman started it’s activity in the field of dental equipment by taking the Woodpecker brand representation. The high quality of this company’s products, with the 24 month golden warranty by Nik Darman company, quickly became the first choice of Iranian dentists.

Production Department:

After five years research and study, using the experiences of university professors and professionals with related university education, Nik Darman entered the field of dental materials production, and fortunately today we have an excellent position in the Iranian market, because we could able to gain the satisfaction of dentists with the quality of our products.
Nowadays Nik Darman products are known in the market by the brand names: ENDONIK, Hyponic, CLOREX, RCGlide, H1, Formanic, Hemonic, Air Polish, Glunic, canasol, …. . Obtaining the ISO certificate in 2019 and the product quality certificate from the Insyzor (UK company) in 2020 are strong reasons for the quality of Nik Darman products.

Export Department:

By importing the products of the Avant Dental Supply (American company) ,with brand name ADS, and obtaining the exclusive representation of this company in the countries of the region ,in 2021, Nik Darman company succeeded in obtaining permission to produce products under the license of this company and export to the countries of the region.

Education Department:

From 2022 a new platform was created in Nik Darman company to raise the scientific level of the sales market, and we managed to benefit from the scientific point of view by holding training courses with the presence of famous university professors to raise the awareness of dentists in our country as much as possible with the latest equipment.